WWA — CALL FOR ENTRIES — wdydwyd exhibit
BURNING MAN 2008 | Deadline: July 31, 2008
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Answer “Why do you do what you do?” using text & imagery
in a creative way.


Working With Artists and Brooklyn Arts Project are partnering with wdydwyd? to create a collaborative exhibition at Burning Man 2008 — an event that attracts over 45,000 people to a prehistoric lake bed for one of the world’s largest and most avant-garde art festivals.

Since 2004, over 3,000 people have answered, "wdydwyd?" from groups as diverse as Harvard Business School, Echoing Green Foundation, Kellogg Foundation Fellows, including notable figures like Steve Case, the founder of AOL, and Gloria Steinham. Now it’s time for WWA members to weigh in with their creativity!

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WWA members answering "wdydwyd?" at Sept 2007 exhibit opening.


Examples of what artists have done — but you can take it further.






  1. Produce visual art that incorporates text in a creative way and answers the question “Why do you do what you do?”

  2. Upload here and tag it “BM08wwa”. Title image with your name add text in the caption that tells a story about what you wrote.

  3. Join the WWA group “wdydwyd” for project announcements and updates.

  4. Finalists will be announced to WWA group members after August 1st.


A panel will consider a mix of criteria (below) when selecting images for the exhibition.
Up to 45 images will be featured in exhibit and considered for the wdydwyd book.


Produced by wdydwyd.com//brooklynartproject.com//working with artists
For Burning Man 2008

People looking at wdydwyd exhibit (perspective: looking through back of fence)