CALL FOR ENTRIES — art exhibition in San Francisco's Lower Haight
Trunk SF | February 6, 2009 opening – more info | show runs through February

Entry deadline for opening: Feb 4, 2009
Submissions accepted throughout the month-long show and will be added to it.
Click here for instructions for submitting your work

Answer “Why do you do what you do?” using text & imagery in a creative way.

Trunk SF, a cooperative boutique and gallery, is collaborating with artist Tony Deifell to create a lower haight neighborhood public-art exhibition called, "wdydwyd?" — in the Trunk SF gallery at 544 Haight St, San Francisco.

Since 2004, over 4,000 people have answered, "wdydwyd?" from groups as diverse as Harvard Business School, Echoing Green Foundation, Kellogg Foundation Fellows, Burning Man Art Festival including notable figures like Steve Case, the founder of AOL, and Gloria Steinem.

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Examples of what artists have made — but you can take it further.




  1. Join the "lower haight" group on wdydwyd.ning.com for Trunk SF-related announcements, updates, exhibit opening event, etc. You'll first be asked to register. Afterwards, select "+ Join lower haight" in the upper right-hand corner next to your name.

  2. CREATE visual art that incorporates text in a creative way and answers the question “Why do you do what you do?” The text must be included in the image itself in a graphically way.

    What we're looking for:
    • candor (and/or) personal vulnerability (and/or) humor in your message
    • relevance of imagery to the text, how well text is integrated into the image & whether the image offers additional layer of meaning to the overall message through contrast, irony or storytelling.
    • surprise & something unexpected
    • visual creativity

  3. Before you upload, please follow these SPECIFICATIONS in preparing the digital image that you create:

    • Format — JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png) formats only

    • Image resolution — 180-300dpi — The higher the resolution is better it would look in the exhibit, but the maximum file size you can upload is 10MB.

    • Proportion — Ideally your image should be proportional to 4x6, 8x12, 12x18, 20x30 (inches) — either vertical or horizontal. Approximate sizes are ok (Please don't make us cut off & waste too much paper. We like trees! :)

    • File name (important!) — use the following nominclature to name the image file which you will upload: trunksf-LastName-FirstName

  4. UPLOAD to http://wdydwyd.ning.com/photo/photo/new anytime through Feb 28 (but before Jan 31st to be included in the opening).

    • Tag it “trunksf

    • Title image with your full name (FirstName LastName) & a key word or two from your image. (for example I might write, "Tony Deifell - stirred awake")

    • (optional) Add a caption that says a little more about why you chose the answer you did.

  5. After uploading digital files here (that way we can include it in the online gallery), we recommend that you print your image and mail or deliver it to Trunk SF to insure its inclusion in the gallery show.

    • Mail to Trunk SF, 544 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

    • Deliver in person during store hours, 11am -8pm every day except tuesday. During off hours, you may be able to toss it through the gate with relative safety.

    • Prints should be received by 8pm 2/4/09 in order to be displayed at the opening event on 2/6/09. Additional prints will be accepted, and displayed throughout the month.

  6. INVITE friends to submit an image for the exhibition.


Produced by Trunk SF and wdydwyd.com


People looking at wdydwyd exhibit at Decompression (perspective: looking through back of fence)