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Since this project began in 2004, many artists have participated in a worldwide collaborative art project, and we have over 4,000 members of the collaborative community. The aim: through a combination of image and text, capture people's answer to, "Why do you do what you do?" A role call for the human race.

As a Collaborating Artist, you'll be perpetuating the social-media meme. You can have your own gallery on wdydwyd.ning.com that features a particular community attributed with your byline. In the future, we may publish a series of books on the theme.

You can do it with friends, neighbors, classmates, strangers. Good places to do it: events, festivals, conferences, fellowships, classes, organizations, neighborhoods.

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(sample portraits)
— but you can do it in all sort of different ways —


The three images below are from the "call for entries" for the wdydwyd exhibit
running 68-feet around Center Camp at Burning Man.

The artists treated the image + text combination in creative new ways.

Shooting wdydwyd portraits.
(but you could do it anyway you want)