Burning Man 2008 Collaborative Photo/Video Shoot

Uploading & Sharing Instructions

I’ll submit a link to BM’s Jack Rabbit Speaks listserv of all the work that Collaborating Artists upload to wdydwyd.ning.com by Sept 20.

Notes about uploading your images:

  1. SIZE & FORMAT — Upload original resolution, even if it's large (.jpg is best). At least 1800pixels wide, but larger is better.

  2. NAMING FILES — it will make it a bit easier if you follow this nomenclature: BM08_First3WordsOfSign_YourLastName
    (most important is for the name to be unique)

  3. IMAGES w/ NO RELEASES — if there is an image for which you don't have a release, go ahead and upload it. But, start the file name with "nr-"

  4. CAPTIONS — Feel free to write a caption about who, what, where, when or a story about making the image (only if you want). But, if you upload images to sites other than ours, please add this bit of text for context if possible:
  5. "wdydwyd?" is a worldwide participatory-art project to answer "why do you do what you do?" (www.wdydwyd.com)


Options for sharing your images — first one is most important, others are optional

1. Upload to the wdydwyd community site (tag "bm08shoot"). Click "Submit" right in the middle.

This enables us to include your image in next year's BM exhibit. And, we may put it on our weekly blog (about 7k unique visitors/wk).

FYI, our site has a file-size limit of 10MB.

Flickr members: you'll see an option after clicking on submit or add photo where you can simply import select images from a Flickr account.

2. If you have a FLICKR account, add the images to the wdydwyd Flickr group

If you don't have a Flickr account, you do not need to create one. If you do have one, it makes it easy to import to our site.

3. FACEBOOK: become a "fan" of wdydwyd's facebook page, and upload a few of your favorites images you took

4. Add to Burning Man's Image Gallery — make sure to add "wdydwyd?" in caption to connect it with the collaborative project

5. It would be great if you added to any other community sites to which you belong. Pls include caption (above) for context.

Questions & Comments

If you have any questions, ideas or want to be included in the conversation about this ongoing BM collaboration and presentation of the material, join the “Burning Man Collaborating Artists” group on our ning-based site.

Note 1: This might take two steps: 1) register for the oveall site, 2) join group, which you can find here (click the link in top-right corner that
reads: “+ Join Burning Man Collaborating Artists

Note 2: The site is a non-commercial one that I run on the side to help with collaboration.


Feel free to be in touch anytime tony (at) wdydwyd (dt) com

Thanks for being one of the first Collaborating Artists at Burning Man! I look forward to more.

~ Fidget


My address in case you have any model signs/releases to send me:

Tony Deifell
2792 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

PS: If you ever want to do the "wdydwyd?" project anytime during the year with a group, neighborhood, organization, school, friends, etc., that’d be cool. Lemmie know if you have spec questions about it. There is some more how-to info in the "SPARK" group on our site or in the TEACHERS & EDUCATORS group. I may do a series of wdydwyd books on various themes: artists, lawyers, Muslims, New Yorkers, mothers, etc. And, it’s a really good “group exercise” even without the photography.