Why do you do what you do? (or)

Why did you do what you did?


a few examples of anonymous submissions

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People usually answer this question in a positive or aspirational way.

But, I am curious to hear how different the answers might be

if people could answer anonymously & be challenged to be brutally honest.

Create your answer by combining text in an image in a creative way.

Have candor. Be brutal. Tell a secret.

Submit anonymously by emailing here.
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Images submitted by email must show some vulnerability to be approved.
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You can also mail a postcard to: Tony Deifell, 10 West Pier, Sausalito, CA 94110, USA

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because I'm ugly


Burning Man 2006


Burning Man 2005
this is me, so i'm willing to answer it this way too ~ Tony

LEP High

"We are united by our doubts and divided by our convictions."
~ Peter Ustinov

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