Extra credit assignment – [WORTH 10 points] — Introduction to Organizational Communication with Julia Scatliff O'Grady
DUE: Sunday, March 23 by midnight (deadline recently extended by Julia)

wdydwyd? - "why do you do what you do?"
> Five-step instructions to submit your image are below the slideshows

images submitted so far from your class

See names & find more photos for this class extra-credit project

Examples from students at UCLA who did the same assignment.


1- CREATE an image with your answer to: "Why do you do what you do?"
Only GUIDELINE: You must incorporate both text + image together in a creative or surprising way.
Otherwise, anything goes.

2- Write up to 200 words in the caption describing more about why you do what you do.
Examples of text people have written: www.wdydwyd.com

3- UPLOAD your photo here http://wdydwyd.ning.com/photo/photo/new (you'll be asked to register)
> Register with your FULL NAME so teacher can ID you for extra credit.
> Edit Photo Information after upload (see screenshot below) to
(a) make up a creative PHOTO TITLE and (b) TAG your photo "UNC" to be included correctly

Screenshot example after you select & upload your image:
screenshot of editing photo info

4- JOIN the UNC group here: http://wdydwyd.ning.com/group/unc
> If you find your photo in the slideshow, your extra credit will count.

Screenshot example:
screenshot to join group

5- For additional extra credit RATE images from your class by Monday, March 31.
> The top 5 rated images get additional extra credit.
HINT: you can invite people from outside the class to rate your photo
For more detailed how-to instructions on rating photos join the UNC Group here

The class will have its own gallery and could be included in a future book
> If you wish, COMMENT on your classmates' photos.
> Questions? email Tony Deifell


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