why do you do what you do?
Burning Man 2011

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Get a "wdydwyd?" portrait made on the playa
2pm-8pm everyday.
Examples below.

The "wdydwyd?" project started at Burning Man in 2004. Over 2,000 burners have been featured answering,
"Why do you do what you do?"

LOCATION: Out on playa. 6:20, half way between Center Camp and the man (closer to Center Camp).
Map below.

where to find wdydwyd

One minute video of the exhibit up at Decompression.
It shows the process a little bit: ends with the table where people were filling out their signs for portraits.

(sample Polaroids from past years)
— but you can do it in all sort of different ways —

Holding signs was the first way we started doing this project.
But, you can do it other ways, such as writing on skin.

Examples of writing on skin

unique visitors


wdydwyd exhibit SF Decompression

eyes watching wdydwyd exhibit



Shooting wdydwyd portraits on the playa '06 & '07.
(but you could do it anyway you want)

2009 exhibit at Burning Man


2008 exhibit at Burning Man

Panoramic by DogFromSPACE