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I love breaking brains and expectations
Silona | geek | Austin, TX | SXSW 2011 in collaboration w/

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Steve Case | founder, AOL

Harvard Business School – Class of 2011

Clive Chang | performing arts | New York, NY

To create.

… to create art in its most visceral, intellectual, and emotionally charged sense. I will produce music and theater that challenges, excites, and provokes action for the casual Broadway spectator as much as it does for the seasoned, discerning patron of Grand Opera.

… to create opportunities for artists to pursue their passion without regard to economic constraints. I will break down industry barriers and develop novel business models to help emerging artists feed themselves and their families through their craft.

… to create institutions devoted to advancing arts education. I will work to ensure that every little boy or girl who wants to draw, sculpt, sing, dance, or play an instrument has unobstructed access to artistic training and development.

… to create networks among my friends, family, and colleagues in order to share this immense privilege I have of standing at the intersection of art and business. I will connect the choreographer with the busy executive I met on the plane who casually mentioned a love for dance. I will invite the investment banker who composes particularly eloquent emails to write a song with me. And I will ask all of the closeted artists around me to release their inhibitions in the name of creating a better, more expressive world.

by Sarah Nestheide | visual art educator | Fort Thomas, KY

My little boy loves attention and being on stage (that would be an inherited trait (from me)). He is constantly telling me and his dad that his brain makes him do things, typically bad things. I asked him why he loves being on a stage so much, and this was his answer.

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